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Alkaline Pitcher - MINA Slim

Alkaline Pitcher - MINA Slim

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Today's water is processed. City tap water treatment removes healthy trace minerals and reduces alkalinity (pH) while adding harsh chemical disinfectants.

Santevia takes out tap water contaminants and restores natural minerals in your water giving you clean, mineralized and naturally alkaline water, the way nature intended. Healthy never tasted so good.

  1. Makes water alkaline
  2. Adds healthy minerals Calcium and Magnesium
  3. Reduces up to 99% chlorine and lead
  4. Helps burn fat
  5. Boosts energy with electrolytes
  6. Helps reduce acid reflux
  7. BPA Free

The MINA Slim is proudly designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada.

Support Canadian manufacturing!

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