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BIO 83

BIO 83

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Food sensitivities. To minimise systemic reaction to common food allergens. Systemic or localized conditions aggravated by food allergies including sinusitis, migraine, eczema, thrombophlebitis, arthritis, digestive irritation, urinary tract infections, ear infections, gall bladder disease, hyperactivity, asthma, mental fatigue, etc.

Mode of action

Coffea, Lac defloratum, Lycopersicum esculentum, Saccharum officinale, Solanum tuberosum: Attenuations of the above ingredients provide antigenic desensitization to aid in lowering the allergic response.

Adrenalinum: Potentized epinephrine which exerts a direct hormonal influence; effective against allergic symptoms.

Hepar: Attenuations of this sarcode stimulate the detoxifying action of the liver; useful for psoriasis and chronic eczema.

Histaminum: Antihistamine effects indicated for allergic conditions, skin conditions, bronchial asthma, and vasomotor rhinitis.

Remedies to be considered

Concomitant use of the following remedies is recommended, as required:

  • R16, BC-12
  • R37 or R37 JUNIOR, BC-4
  • R43, BC-2
  • R49 or R49 JUNIOR, BC-5
  • R183, BC-5, BC-6 and R97


Stress, over-activity, over-stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system may weaken the organism’s immunological defence system.

Clinical experiences

Some extremely sensitive patients will react to this dosage. In cases such as these, the dosage should be reduced and the drops should be diluted in a glass of water and subsequently administered.

  • Not a cure for severe allergies. Desensitizes the body to allergens which cause mild allergic reactions. For desensitization, administer 1 time daily.
  • Treat symptoms accordingly, as they appear, i.e. R65, BC-20 in the treatment of urticaria.
  • Often prescribed in conjunction with BIO 93 Immune system fortifier.


Adrenalinum D5, Coffea D6, D12, D30, Hepar D6, Histaminum D30, Lac defloratum D6, D12, D30, Lycopersicum esculentum D6, D12, D30, Saccharum officinale D6, D12, D30, Solanum tuberosum D6, D12, D30.

Non-medicinal ingredients: ethanol, purified water.


Adults and children 12 years and over: 5-10 drops 3 times daily in a little water or undiluted, or as recommended by a health care practitioner.

  • Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding unless directed by a health care practitioner.

For more information please consult your health care practitioner.

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