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Dr. Reckeweg

R6 22 ml

R6 22 ml

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Acute pyretic inflammation of the fibrous tissues and the serous membranes.

Specific remedy for serositis, particularly if caused by influenza. General symptoms of infection: pain in the limbs, a sensation of prostration, dull headaches, shivering, restlessness, dry and burning skin, acute pains.cold cold

Pyretic catarrh of the upper respiratory mucosa: rhinopharyngitis, influenza bronchitis, pneumonia; inflammation of the serous membranes, pleurisy, pericarditis, reflex irritation of the peritoneum caused by the inflammation of abdominal organs, and generalized peritonitis. Polyarthritis; rheumatism, characterized by sharp pain from movement. colds cold colds cold colds

Mode of action

Aconitum napellus: Fever or illness after a sudden chill, with dry hyperemic skin; extreme restlessness and anxiety.

Baptisia tinctoria: Typhoid fever; mental stupor and lethargy; dull headache; irritation of the mucous membranes; influenza with bruised pains or sensations.

Bryonia: Catarrhal fever; left sided headaches, piercing pain; inflammation and effusion of the serous membranes, dryness of all mucous membranes.

Camphora: Analeptic, calmative; coldness and shivering, with an aversion to covering; fear at night.

Causticum Hahnemanni: Sensation of rawness of the mucosa, deepening cough, hoarseness of the throat; incontinence from coughing.

Eucalyptus globulus: General agitation; accelerated breathing; weariness and rigidity of the limbs; headache; fever; intestinal influenza.

Eupatorium perfoliatum: Fever with the sensation of prostration. Catarrhal inflammation of the upper respiratory tract with a painful cough, and the sensation of mucosal rawness.

Ferrum phosphoricum: Remedy for high fever and inflammation; weakened pulse; congestive flushing of blood to the head. Particularly effective in inflammation of the upper respiratory tracts and in bronchoneumonia.

Gelsemium: Congestive headaches; sleepiness from anticipation; trembling and general fatigue.

Sabadilla: Tremendous paroxysmal sneezing; burning cold; a dry irritated cough, chest pain; fluent coryza.

Remedies to be considered

The following remedies may be administered in addition to, or in alternation with R6 depending on the symptomatology:

  • Acute infection with high fever and inflammation localized mainly to the mucosal surfaces of the cephalic region (i.e. conjunctivitis): R1, R183, R193, BC-5, BC-11
  • Sore throat: R1, R45, BC-10
  • Bronchitis: R8, R9 or R9 JUNIOR, BC-6, BC-10
  • Pleuritis: R24, BC-10
  • Involvement of the sinuses: R49 or R49 JUNIOR, R96, R183, BC-5
  • Chickenpox: R68
  • Viral infection: BIO 88
  • Immune system fortifier: BIO 93, BC-28

Clinical experience

Prevention: R6 1 time daily. In addition, consider BIO 88 1 time weekly, BIO 93 3 times weekly.

Exposure: R6 3 times daily. In addition, consider BIO 88 1 time daily and BIO 93 1 time daily.

Symptoms: R6 every ½ hour. In addition, consider BIO 88 3 times daily and BIO 93 3 times daily.


Aconitum napellus D4 1 g, Baptisia tinctoria D4 1 g, Bryonia D4 1 g, Camphora D3 1 g, Causticum Hahnemanni D6 1 g, Eucalyptus globulus D3 1 g, Eupatorium perfoliatum D3 1 g, Ferrum phosphoricum D8 1 g, Gelsemium D6 1 g, Sabadilla D6 1 g.

Non-medicinal ingredients: ethanol, purified water.


Adults and children (ages 12 and up) 10-15 drops; Children (1-11 years) 5-10 drops, all ages take 1-3 times daily in a little water or undiluted or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. In acute cases: every 15-60 minutes (up to 12 times per day) or until improvement of symptoms.

Cautions and warnings

Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.

Consult a healthcare practitioner before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

For more information, please consult your healthcare practitioner.

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