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Dr. Reckeweg

S8 | Magnesia phosphorica

S8 | Magnesia phosphorica

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Magnesia phosphorica is known as the anti-spasmodic tissue salt. It is recommended for sharp and shooting pain such as: neuralgia, nervous spasms, muscular cramps and menstrual pain. S8 can also be used for chronic arthritis and rheumatism and is quick to relieve pain in sciatica (mostly on the right side).

This remedy is also used in lung affections such as whooping cough, asthma, and chronic bronchitis.

Finally, use it for writer’s cramps, colics (intestinal, hepatic, nephritic), stomach cramps, hiccups, vomiting, twitching, chorea and headaches.

Mode of action

ROLE: Structural, electrochemical, catalytic.

MEMORY KEY: Neuromuscular coordinator; antispasmodic.

INDICATIONS: Conditions which demonstrate functional loss at the myoneural junction. Spasms; neuralgias; anxiety, tension depression, confusion, disorientation, hyperexcitability. Angina, hypercholesterolemia.


  1. Low energy states; fatigue, depression, apathy, stupor.
  2. Loss of nervous regulation – extreme nervous irritability; neurotic disorders.
  3. Muscular cramping; skeletal or smooth muscle spasm; pains are sharp and shooting.
  4. PMS; menstrual cramping and pain.
  5. Cardiovascular irregularities, pain, arrhythmias.
  6. Learning difficulties and behaviour disorders in children.
  7. Alcoholism; drug abuse.
  8. Spasmodic abdominal pains.
  9. Impaired renal function.


< Cold; light touch.
> Warmth, pressure, heat, bending double, friction.

TONGUE: Swollen; white or bright red.

IRIS: Nerve rings (superficial or chronic); flared autonomic wreath, acid wash.

PUPIL: Constricted.


Each 3X tablets contains:Magnesia phosphorica…………. 3X
Each 6X tablets contains: Magnesia phosphorica…………. 6X
Each 12X tablets contains: Magnesia phosphorica……….. 12X

Non-medicinal ingredients: Croscarmellose sodium, monohydrate lactose, magnesium stearate.


Adults and children > 12 years 4 tablets; Children (6-11 years) 2 tablets; Infants (1-5 years) 1 tablet, all ages take 4 times daily or as directed by a health care practitioner. For children under 5 years of age, dissolve tablet in water.

Consult a health care practitioner

  • If symptoms persist or worsen.
  • Before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Do not use if safety seal is broken.

For more information please consult your health care practitioner.

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